Julius Caesar PowerPoint Presentation

This Julius Caesar PowerPoint presentation includes 117 high quality slides on Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.  Background slides include introductory information about the play, a list of Shakespeare’s sources for Julius Caesar, notes on the historical setting of the play, comments on historical accuracy, a summary of the climactic Battle at Philippi, and three slides on the Roman Senate.  The presentation also includes five interactive quizzes on the plot of Julius Caesar, as well as five interactive quizzes with quotation identifications.  In addition, there are 26 slides on the characters in Julius Caesar, including a detailed analysis of the role of the Roman mob in the play. There are also 19 slides on themes in Julius Caesar, including Supernatural Events, Fate vs. Free Will, Pride, The Power of Speech, and Public vs. Private Identity.  The presentation also includes a list of links to Julius Caesar YouTube videos and three slides of suggested essay topics related to Julius Caesar.

Please click through the sample slides above to sample the presentation, or use the links to the right of the sample slides to download a presentation outline and a preview version of the presentation.