Othello PowerPoint Presentation

This Othello PowerPoint presentation includes 128 high quality slides on Othello by William Shakespeare.

Background slides include introductory information about the play, information about text versions of Othello, Shakespeare’s sources for Othello,  and the Elizabethan Chain of Being.  The presentation also includes five interactive quizzes on the plot of Othello, as well as five interactive quizzes with quotation identifications.  In addition, there are 39 slides on the characters in Othello, including 7 slides on Othello (Othello as General, Othello as Outsider, Othello’s Language, Othello’s Suicide) and 9 slides on Iago (Iago’s soliloquies, Iago’s View of Women, Iago’s Motive for Evil, and Iago and the Forces of Darkness).  The presentation also includes a five-slide discussion of the central scene between Othello and Iago: Act III, Scene 3.  There are 23 slides on themes and recurring images in Othello, including Appearance vs. Reality, Black and White Imagery, Light and Darkness, Jealousy, Love, and Passion vs. Reason.  The presentation also includes a list of links to Othello YouTube videos and two slides of suggested essay topics related to Othello.

Please click through the sample slides above to sample the presentation, or use the links to the right of the sample slides to download a presentation outline and a preview version of the presentation.