Romeo and Juliet PowerPoint Presentation

This Romeo and Juliet PowerPoint presentation includes 129 high quality slides on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.  Background slides include introductory information about the play, information about text versions of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s sources for Romeo and Juliet, and adaptations of Romeo and Juliet.  The presentation also includes five interactive quizzes on the plot of Romeo and Juliet, as well as five interactive quizzes with quotation identifications.  In addition, there are 31 slides on the characters in Romeo and Juliet, including 6 slides on Romeo (Romeo the Lover, Romeo-The Balcony Scene, Romeo-The Fight Scene, Romeo’s Exile, and the Death of Romeo) and 7 slides on Juliet (Juliet’s Age, Juliet-The Balcony Scene, Juliet’s Courage, and the Death of Juliet).  The presentation also includes 15 slides on Imagery in Romeo and Juliet, including Dreams and Omens, Light and Dark, Opposites, Weddings and Funerals, Romeo as Pilot, and Stars).  There are 14 slides on themes in Romeo and Juliet, including the Inevitability of Fate, Speed, Love and Violence, and Youth vs. Age.  The presentation also includes a list of links to Romeo and Juliet YouTube videos, two slides of suggested essay topics related to Romeo and Juliet, and a textual analysis writing assignment with a list of key scenes from which to choose.