The Merchant of Venice PowerPoint Presentation

The Merchant of Venice PowerPoint presentation includes 105 high quality slides on The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare.  Background slides include introductory information about the play, an explanation of text versions of The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare’s sources for The Merchant of Venice, a summary of the two major settings in the play (Venice and Belmont), an explanation of anti-semitism in Shakespeare’s England, as well as the practice of usury in Shakespeare’s time.  The presentation also includes five interactive quizzes on the plot of The Merchant of Venice, as well as five interactive quizzes with quotation identifications.  In addition, there are 16 slides on major themes in The Merchant of Venice, including Anti-semitism, Deceptive Appearances, Love, Loyalty and Friendship, Mercy vs. Revenge, and Wealth.  The presentation also includes a list of links to The Merchant of Venice YouTube videos and two slides of suggested essay topics related to The Merchant of Venice.

Please click through the sample slides above to sample the presentation, or use the links to the right of the sample slides to download a presentation outline and a preview version of the presentation.